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Caveat emptor: As counterparties continue to champion technology, what really counts in the quest for great liquidity?

Financial institutions making bold claims about how they offer ‘best in class’ technology, delivering ‘world beating functionality’ and providing ‘unparalleled usability’ are nothing new. An explosion of innovative fintech providers in the FX space have ....
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Cloud-based business intelligence: Unlocking new opportunities for FX brokers

Advanced data analytics are now available to brokers without them having to develop proprietary software, unlocking a new frontier for business growth, writes Andrew Ralich, Co-Founder and CEO, oneZero.
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Making the most of your Market Data

The past few decades have seen what can only be described as a revolution in data. A generation ago, businesses from every industry rushed to develop an online presence. More recently, building upon the exponential growth of the internet
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FXPB meets Covid-19: How resilient was your trusted Prime Broker during the crisis?

Nicholas Pratt investigates how well Prime Brokerages have passed the tests and overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic.
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Leverage caps - ASIC releases submissions to its Consultation Paper

Quinn Perrott and Sophie Gerber report on how the industry has responded to the release by ASIC of Consultation Paper 322.
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How the right Client Portal can impact your brokerage

There are thousands of investment firms registered globally, and more are popping up every day. With such a massive pool of brokers to choose from, your prospects are looking for the “best”.
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Is direct access to classic Tier One liquidity truly the Holy Grail for brokers?

Any broker who is serious about delivering a high-quality trading experience for customers has to be prioritising liquidity. But in a world where the number of brokerages continues to grow, whilst direct access to Prime Broker accounts becomes ever more difficult, how are
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How to adapt and scale your brokerage business

So things are ticking along quite nicely, and you are making money each month, but you feel in your bones that something is missing. Only a true entrepreneur would be mad enough to start their own business and live a life of uncertainty, risk, and, sometimes, reward. 
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Evolving risk management and platform trends in the online trading industry

Recent global events have led to a surge in the popularity of online trading, with many brokers reporting increased trading volumes. However, it’s important to note that recent growth is riding an already well-established trend of interest in retail trading.
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How to overcome the technical challenges when launching a new Forex Broker

The Forex/CFD industry has now reached a stage of maturity, making it challenging for startups and smaller firms to establish their presence
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Aggregation & spreads: The race to zero

In this increasingly competitive market, we continue to see spread compression in FX and precious metals. This has been an exponential trend since the rise of electronic trading (namely e-FX), as access to the $6 trillion daily FX industry has become far more appealing with the evolution of technology and the relative ease of market entry.
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CMC MARKETS - Talking with the magicians of liquidity

CMC Markets institutional suite provides top class liquidity services across multiple asset classes. The company offers a flexible approach so that clients can connect to its liquidity by using either proprietary trading platforms, or via third-party technology. We talked to Richard Elston, Group Head of Institutional at the firm to tell us more.
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Recent Appointments

GMO-Z.com Trade UK hires Ramy Soliman to drive institutional offering

Ramy Soliman is well known to readers of Canecto.info forex and has huge experience within the FX space. Now working as Chief Strategy Officer at GMO-Z.com, he will be driving the growth of the broker’s institutional business. We asked him about his strategy for achieving this.
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How Tools for Brokers has undergone a major business transformation in the middle of economic crisis and stayed profitable

The history of Tools for Brokers (TFB) began 10 years ago when the world and the Forex market both looked very different compared to today. Back then, there was less competition, less regulation, and most definitely less understanding of the best way to move forward.
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Impressive global growth continues at IS Prime

IS Prime, part of ISAM Capital Markets, is one of the fastest growing Prime of Prime brokers globally. The FCA regulated firm has a reputation for excellence in terms of liquidity, multi-asset execution and risk consultancy services for institutional clients. e-Forex talks to Managing Partner, Raj Sitlani to find out more.
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Gold-i accelerates development of Matrix

Following recent announcements about the expansion of Gold-i’s development team, e-Forex spoke to Chris James, Chief Technology Officer at Gold-i to find out more about the innovative FinTech company’s current product development focus and future plans.
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Expert Opinion

Broker checklist: What to request from your bridge solution.

Forex brokerage is a complicated yet very rewarding business. With new regulations constantlyintroduced, clients growing more and more demanding, and ever-increasing competition, it might seem likemore trouble than it’s worth. Whilst there is no single recipe for success, surrounding yourself with the bestpeople and best software can make the process ....
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