Retail FX Trading

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Harnessing the power of automation, AI and big data analytics: Bringing institutional grade toolsets to retail traders and investors

There was a time when the foreign exchange market was restricted to large banks, wealthy institutions and extraordinarily wealthy individuals. Not even 30 years ago, individual or retail investors faced...
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Arbitrage, HFT, Quant and other automatic trading strategies in FX

The spot Forex market has grown significantly from the early 2000s due, in part, to the influx of algorithmic platforms. The rapid proliferation of information, as reflected in market prices, can present multiple arbitrage opportunities.
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Technological advancements in retail trader platforms

In a digital age there’s no surprise that most our time is spent on smart phones. Smart phone statistics have rocketed over the past 5 years with now over 70% of people within the UK and USA owning a smart phone. Has the rise in accessible technology made it easier for retail Forex traders to trade or has it made it even more confusing? That’s what we’re here to tackle.
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FX strategy automation for retail traders

Forex robots, Expert Advisors and Artificial Intelligence, all of these words are probably familiar right now to retail Forex traders. They may be thinking, “I don’t need any of that to trade the financial markets, all I need to do is click a button!”. Well, the professionals are saying otherwise, hedge funds such as Renaissance Technologies and Bridgewater are already using Artificial Intelligence and computer modelling with great success in trading. Why do these firms even bother using automated systems?
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Robo-Advisers - Welcome To The Future

Capital markets are increasingly dominated by artificial intelligence and the rise of robo-advisers. Viet Anh Pham provides an insight on the impacts of AI-driven trading solutions on the foreign exchange trading space.
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