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What do modern traders have in common with their medieval ancestors? Information overload!

We tend to believe that the issues that affect the day-to-day lives of traders and others who work in financial services are unique to our own time and place. In a world of skyscrapers and FinTechs...
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Using AI to exploit the power of news to boost trading activities

When trading, navigating the news landscape of the financial markets can be likened to navigating the English Channel in a yacht. Traversing busy shipping lanes of fast moving traffic; timing your port departures and ...
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Empowering your sales team How banks can leverage new technology to overcome the risks and constraints of Covid-19

FX salespeople of the world, unite! Rise up, resist the tyranny of trading technology spend. Wave your laptops and mobiles in the air, thump your kitchen tables or wherever you happen to be home-working and demand, “Give us the tools to be able to do our jobs and cover clients as they deserve!”
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Machine learning stirs up competition in FX Algo Trading

By crunching vast quantities of data by computer, machine learning algorithms can identify hidden patterns in past data and learn to forecast stock market returns or FX currency pairs. Large banks have been investing millions into advanced technologies
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How does trading infrastructure achieve ultra-low latency?

Latency has been a hot topic in financial markets since the rise of high-frequency trading in the early 2000s. Low latency has been replaced with ultra-low latency (ULL) in liquid markets as technology has slashed tick-to-trade latencies below one microsecond
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How Managed Networking is helping FX Trading firms to become more resilient in the age of Covid-19

As Covid-19 swept across the globe earlier in the year, the way in which we worked, socialised, communicated and cared for each other changed. These changes were quickly enabled in part by existing technology that had thus far been underutilised
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Why FX can now move towards deep dive analytics

Having access to the right data at the right time is vital for profitability and performance. In 2019, the financial industry spent a record USD 50 billion on market and trade data.
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Trading FX via a FIX API: practical steps and considerations

Although there are multiple proprietary, front-end buy and sell-side trading platforms available today, a FIX API is still the most secure way to trade. This is mostly due to its functionality and flexibility, which I will explain below.
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XaaS Exploring the benefits of more flexible delivery models for FX

e-Forex brings together Kieran Fitzpatrick, Head of FX at Broadway Technology, Eugene Markman, Vice President of Finance and Operations at MarketFactory, Annalisa Sarasini Chief Business Development Officer, smartTrade Technologies and Fabrice Benouaich Director, Business Performance & Insight at Finastra to discuss some of the key issues associated with the Everything As a Service model (XaaS) in FX.
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Expert Opinion

High Touch and High Tech: FX traders can have both

In the modern world, many services have been automated to achieve maximum efficiency with minimal human effort. This effect has swept across many industries, including financial services, and it comes with both benefits and downsides. Tom Lazenga, Global Head of Sales for TNS’ Financial Services business, shares with e-Forex his insights into how FX traders can address the issues this raises.
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Kooltra - building technology to democratize capital markets

Kooltra is a fast growing Canadian FinTech company with a mission to transform OTC capital markets, starting with foreign exchange and international payments. The firm’s focus is on post trade operations and driving end-to-end solutions that enable market participants to get up and running quickly and manage operations efficiently. Their solution is uniquely built on Salesforce, giving their customers access to the Salesforce Platform and the AppExchange. This architecture gives customers full control of their data, which spans transactions, cash, risk, compliance, CRM, market data, and more - all on one platform. These data can be accessed using all of the Salesforce reporting capabilities, as well as over API. Their current offering is targeted towards Institutional FX brokers, and they plan to push into FX payments in 2020. We asked Adam Katz, Founder & CEO, to tell us more about how Kooltra is leveraging this unique infrastructure to drastically reduce operating costs for downstream brokers and banks.
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Partner Content

How Colocation, Connectivity and Content can boost your FX trading firm

The “3Cs” – colocation, connectivity and content – are familiar to any successful financial services firm. But how do firms manage these crucial elements of their operations most efficiently?
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Trading & Technology Clinic

Unlocking the full potential of electronic FX Option platforms

By John Stead, Global Head of PreSales at smartTrade Technologies
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