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Blockchain plus

Adel is a technology incubator for blockchain innovation. Not unusual these days, but there’s a twist. Adel’s approach seems to be pulling in the FX industry. “A majority of registered users in our ecosystem are FX and crypto traders,” says Gabriel Dusil, general manager and co-founder, Adel. William Essex went to talk to him.
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Collateral goes digital

OTCXN has signed Kingdom Trust and Prime Trust to act as custodians of assets for traders and exchanges on the company’s blockchain-based network. What does this mean for the future of crypto-trading? Rosario Ingargiola, CEO and founder of OTCXN, spoke to William Essex about tokenisation and risk.
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Leveraging DLT at the multi-asset app store

CLS is working with IBM on a PoC for its shared DLT network for financial services, LedgerConnect. This may just be the missing link between banks and fintech innovators, and it may have significant impacts for FX and other asset classes. Key features in the box at the end, but first, Ram Komarraju, Head of Innovation and Solution Delivery at CLS spoke to William Essex about LedgerConnect’s potential to change the way we do business.
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Cobalt closes in on Q1 launch

Founded in 2015 with the audacious vision of re-engineering post-trade FX using distributed ledger technology, Cobalt has partnered with key participants including Citi, XTX Markets and Citadel. As the company prepares to launch its service in the coming months, forex talks to co-founder and chief executive Andy Coyne about Cobalt’s journey so far and its ambitions for the future.
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R3 grows more ambitious as its network widens

Launched by FX industry veteran David Rutter, R3 now operates in nine countries with 140 staff and is aiming to re-build the operating system for the financial services industry through a series of partnerships. e-Forex talks to head of external affairs Charley Cooper about the strengths of R3’s Corda platform and the potential of distributed ledger technology in FX and beyond.
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Bitcoin - take it seriously

Jersey-based Global Advisors offer the listed GlobalAdvisors Bitcoin Investment Fund (GABI) and their BitcoinTracker One ETN, which you’ll find on Nasdaq. Take onelook at GABI’s performance since inception in 2014, andyou’ll want to know more. William Essex spoke to JeanMarieMognetti, co-principal, head of trading & operations,Global Advisors.
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The A-Z of Blockchain

Blockchain around the world